Blue Line Sport Horses emphasizes a stress-free but effective training strategy that is specialized to each individual horse. Horses are carefully assessed to determine their strengths and weaknesses, both mentally and physically. Unique flatwork and jumping exercises are used to build confidence and strength. Our strategies encourage calmness and relaxation to maximize every ride and bring out the best in every horse. Regular trail riding, off-farm schooling, and showing all help create brave, well-rounded horses that are peaceful and confident in their work. 


Blue Line Sport Horses specializes in Off-Track Thoroughbreds (OTTB) and we have over 22 years experience restarting them for new careers. Like all breeds, thoroughbreds exhibit a wide range of personalities. We believe horses benefit from having careers that suit their personalities and their physical talents. We use our extensive experience to assess each horse and train them in the direction they are most suited. While every discipline has its unique requirements, every horse needs the same excellent ground manners and under saddle basics in order to excel. Teaching these basics is the foundation of our program. We strive to give each horse the best possible chance to succeed, no matter the discipline. 


Our focus is on eventing. Horses that show the desire and talent to event join our show team. As part of our training program, we try to get all of our prospects into the competition arena and we have brought many horses through the lower levels. Our personal favorite and barn mascot, Silly Wabbitt, has competed through Intermediate.


Full Training

$ 900 with Full Board (per month)

$750 with Modified Pasture Board (monthly)


Our training program includes 4 rides/training sessions each week to ensure that your horse is working toward your goals. In line with our Training Philosophy, we customize the training for each horse based on their unique combination of strengths and weaknesses.